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Our vision is to nurture and bring up 21st century children who will stand out in the society, become our future leaders and will be the change that is needed in the world today.


Phonics is the study of sound or a method of teaching reading. An example of phonics is a method used to teach reading by learning the sounds that groups of letters make when spoken. Phonics instruction teaches children how to decode letters into their respective sounds, a skill that is essential for them to read unfamiliar words by themselves.

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Swimming is a water-based sport that takes place in a pool or in open water, such as a lake or river. The swimmer travels through the water using one of a number of swimming styles, called strokes. In competitions, swimmers race each other over a set distance using a particular stroke.

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WHAT IS KARATE? Karate is a Japanese Martial art. It is practiced by millions of people around the world of all ages, races and physical abilities. It is equally suitable for men and women as it relies on techniques rather than pure physical strength. Karate has developed in many different ways. It can be looked upon as an art form, a spiritual path, a sport or a self-defense system, a routing or all of these underneath this myriad of reflection is the essence of karate.

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Music is said to be the combination of sounds that are pleasant to the ears. Music is also an extremely important subject for all children to learn and can lead to better brain development, increase in human connection, and even stress relief. Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness including intellectual, socio-emotional, motor, language and overall literacy.

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I’m grateful to GOD for the privilege to school at Shepherdhill, at the time I did. I learnt a lot, I was taught a lot, I remember a lot, more. The school has been more than a school; it’s a family which gave me siblings from different tribes and different parents; friends who have not left my life; and memories which I would always treasure. This school helped me find my voice - as a writer - and did her fair-share of promoting me out of my shadows of worrying and fear. im grateful to the founder, her family and the legacy this school continues to leave and I’m glad that the edifice - made not by the hands of humans but GOD - has stood tall this long and would continue to stand tall for as long as GOD's Will demands. Congratulations Shepherdhill, continue to restore lost values. Viva Shepherdhill!

Obafemi Tunde July 29, 2019

"As alumnus of the prestigious Shepherdhill primary school, we have nothing but pragmatic yet positive reviews on the service this school offers. Grooming us in a healthy and serene social environment since nursery one, the school has continually proven to give its students the best at its price with multiple extra-curricular activities for everyone such as swimming, sports, clubs, martial arts and many more that prepare you for the world out there as well as gives them a headstart in the race of life. Furthermore, we made lifelong friends along the way.The teaching and learning processes were incredibly supportive alongside encouraging with teachers putting in 101% to make sure every student learnt at the same pace with a syllabi that maximizes the students time and enhaces their knowledge across the board. It was truly a magnificent experience that we encourage others to enjoy as well"- The Odewumi Sisters( Ayomide, Nissi, Ifeoluwa)

July 22, 2019

Viva shepherd hill. It's so strange how I can still remember the school anthem ( If it hasn't been changed). It shows how strong the little details shepherd hill has impacted in me stayed within becoming a whole that has evolved over time and developed to form an important part of me. What I learnt from Shepherd hill within 2008-2011 in summary is beyond what a 500 leaf textbook would take. Education was made fun alongside other extra curricular activities and both sank into my life simultaneously. 
In 3 years, I learnt skills people pay alot to learn and met very influential people who thought me most of the things I know now. These lessons were thought out of love with no pressure at all, but to me are now like embellishments engraved in me gradually growing and driving me towards my destination. 
-Educationally, shepherd hill does the magic.
-Financially, the school is very affordable.
-Morally, Good manners and culture were not put aside as stated in the school anthem, 'RESTORING LOST VALUES'.
-Socially, the love shared in shepherdhill is overwhelming, the teacher-student interaction is warm and stable.

I loved all my collegues, and shepherd hill will always be more than just a
school to me. Shepherd hill is my family, and would forever remain in my
Shepherd @ 25, 25 years of consistency, 25 years of innovation, 25 years of
creativity. I pray God add many more years to this lovely school. No matter how
far away I am from HOME, HOME still remains where the heart is and as for me,
Shepherhill is HOME. 
My name is Daradara Peter

Peter Daradara July 13, 2019

The Entire Management and Staff of Wisdom Excel International Felicitate with Mummy Ebele and the entire, pupils, staff and management of Shepherdhill School on the occasion of her 25th Anniversary and graduation ceremony. We pray that GOD will give you and  your team the fortitude to take the destinies in your hands to Greater heights in JESUS name.

Wisdom Excel International Felicitate July 12, 2019

We thank the Almighty God for all of you in Shepherdhill schools, All the success in your school would not have been possible without God. Yours is where the undiluted Wisdom of God and Academic Excellence is imparted upon the children. Wishing you all the very best in your School's celebration. 25years not long but good name built for Shepherdhill schools... Wishing Shepherdhill the very best in the future, and heartiest congratulations and best wishes for the school's continuing success. We decree and declare upon you the greater Glory of God in all your endeavour, even as you step into greater heights without limit in Jesus Christ name. CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY 25TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY. With Love From,AGE 8 TEACHERSCHILDREN'S CHURCH, FAITH TABERNACLE, CANAANLAND, OTA.

July 5, 2019


25th years of endless strive towards EXCELLENCE is finally here! Shepherdhill  has come a long way since 1994 and worked hard to build a conducive environment to nurture passionate learners,God fearing and gracious citizens.
Best wishes to the principal,staffs and students of shepherdhill on reaching this historical milestone.  
On behalf of myself and my company (Melrose) we say congratulations to you as you continue to raise kings and Queens of great leadership acumen in Jesus  name  Amen.  How can I forget our dear parents  that make all this possible  by accepting God's plan as a caretakers...you are the best! I say thank you for all your support and prayers. Live long ma/sir!

Bukola from Melrose books and publishing Ltd

Melrose books and publishing ltd July 5, 2019

My message to shepherdhill: I'm so happy and thankful to Almighty God that I was blessed with the privilege to be part of the shepherdhill family who set a strong foundation for me to make me get far in life...the truth is some of the things and skills I'm still able to do actually are from the knowledge I acquired from there...in my heart, shepherdhill "is" my other family that I will never forget, a family I will hold on high esteem... I appreciate every single person I met from the proprietress to the teachers, workers and pupils... I appreciate the confidence you had in me and the confidence you instilled in me...I appreciate the quality education you gave me... I thank you for making me and others champions shining bright in different places in the world... there's a whole lot that I want to say that it could form a booklet... I love you ma and I love the school and I pray for more prosperity upon you and the school and I pray that more parents give their kids the privilege to be part of the shepherdhill champion family... shepherdhill has imprinted it's badge in my heart forever and I'm grateful to God for that... thank you very much shepherdhill, thank you very much Mrs. Uvietesivwi...Long live shepherdhill, HAPPY 25TH ANNIVERSARY!...From your once upon a time pupil and head-boy of shepherdhill ODIGIE GABRIEL

Gabriel Odigie July 4, 2019

Congratulatory Message
I wish to congratulate you on the 25th Anniversary of your great Institution of learning. I am elated to observe that this Silver Jubilee is an epoch one and speak volume on your determination to reduce illiteracy and innumeracy among our children.
I wish you many more years of sustainable and practical measures to promote education in our Country Nigeria.
May God continue to guide, direct and propel you to greater height in Jesus Name.
Yours Sincerely,

Kelechi Books July 2, 2019

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